An environmentally friendly approach for a sustainable future...


Our mission as an environmentally friendly investor is to create and preserve a lifelong Green Building Policy.


We realize that the Green Building Policy is an approach that begins with site selection and continues throughout the building’s life cycle. All land and buildings in our portfolio have been chosen in accordance with this policy and likewise for all prospective projects.


Environmental Innovation: The Green Contract

Since we take on lifelong responsibility of our projects, we aim to instill in our end-users an understanding and appreciation of the Green Building concept.

The “Green Contract” which we plan to implement, is a prime example of this innovative approach.


Green Buildings for a green environment and cost savings

We realize that environmentally friendly buildings result in reduced energy and water consumption and hence, greater return on investment for the investor and end-user. Yet, the benefits of green buildings are not limited to financial ones; by reducing environmental pollution and making optimum use of resources, we are able fulfill our responsibilities towards nature as well.